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MATT FEINSTEIN, originally from western mass, now lives in Worcester, Massachusetts.  Matt is Co-Director of Worcester Roots Project, a co-op organizing grassroots group that does youth development and works with worker co-ops such as the Toxic Soil Busters, Diggers, and Future Focus Media Co-op.  He is also co-founder of Stone Soup Community Center, a co-op of community organizations fostering collaboration and resource sharing that completed a fire rebuild and deep energy retrofit of their building.  He is passionate about documentary filmmaking*, community organizing, regional cross-pollination, and youth leadership. He is a member of the Peoples Music Network (www.PeoplesMusic.org) and Tertulia Julia de Burgos. He is fluent and writes songs in English, French, Portuguese and Spanish.

Integrating singing into social movements is one contribution Matt strives for with his music. Song has proven a key tool for movement longevity, participation, and power building.

As the son of two musical parents, he is fortunate to have life-long saturation in creative traditions.

*His films include Work, Dignity and Social Change about the unemployed worker movements in Argentina (www.ArgentinaVideo.org), Ciclovida: Lifecycle about landless farmers in Brazil who traverse the continent by bicycle to rescue natural seeds (www.Ciclovida.org), Agrofuels: Starving People-Fueling Greed about large-scale unsustainable biofuels, Toxic Soil Busters: A Worcester EJ Story (www.ListenUp.org/beyondgreen – adult mentor), and Stone Soup: Rising from the Ashes (in production www.StoneSoupWorcester.org). 


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