Into the Woods

Book coming soon! Lyrics Off the screens and into the woods Nature brings magic like no phone app could Forts and fireflies, frogs and fresh air Caves and cucumbers, cattails no cares Leaves and leaping, look under logs Worms and wonderlands, wet waterdogs Off the screens and into the woods Nature brings magic like no…

Protests Are So Fun

Kids song about protests: the parody of this song:

Standing Rock song

Hear the song here: Lyrics: It’s not the company’s land, papers say what they will Not the government’s land, from their courts on the hill After trying their channels, she kept her head up Time for feet over line and never give up She took a stand She will now stand She will still…

Reach for the Sun – Music Video

Is this what it feels like to win? Song and original music by Matt Feinstein. Produced by iamtheprocess studios, wachusset recording and water dog productions. Video by Future Focus Media Co-op

Taina Asili y La Banda Rebelde

This album is MOST highly recommended! Taina Asili y La Banda Rebelde’s new album, Fruit of Hope, is now out and has AMAZING songs. I am honored to be a contributing artist for this album as well. Track 7: O Jeito Libertário came out of a speaking tour I was on with Brazilian and Argentine…

Leave It! Video
Leave the coal in the hole
The gas stock in the rock
The oil in the soil
And the tar sand in the land

Song by Matt Feinstein
Live performance at the screening in Worcester on November 17th, 2012.