Debut Album: Songs of Liberation & Love

Songs of Liberation & Love

Released March 1st, 2015.

“In the world of topical music, there is an eloquent new voice — Matt Feinstein.” – David Rovics

“Matt Feinstein follows in the tradition of folk artists, creating accessible protests songs that give voice to the struggle and passion for recreating the world.” – Alixa of Climbing PoeTree

“Songs of Love and Liberation is a witty multilingual folk celebration of resistance that my entire family can sing along to, dance with and be inspired by.” – Taina Asili

“Matt Feinstein’s well-crafted songs carry an authenticity that can only come from someone who has spent their life in the trenches, on the front lines fighting for justice. These are not songs *about* the movement, they are songs of the movement and for the movement. These are the kinds of songs our world needs, and they shine with these recording’s creative arrangements.” – Evan Greer

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Lyrics here

Check out the artwork… 3D Preview of the album here!

Recorded between 2004-2014 by studios (Julius Jones) with support from my brother, Loren Feinstein, on site and in his Water Dog recording studio. First four songs mixed, and full album mastered by Michael Harmon / Wachusett Recording.

“Matt’s songs are inspirational and enlightening. His is a beautiful and powerful voice and force in Worcester and beyond.” – Lucelia de Jesus (Tertulia Julia de Burgos)

“Multi-cultural, multi-lingual message speaking truth to power for global peace and justice.” – Tom Neilson

Bonus Tracks:

1. No Limit Listen to / download the WAV version here (33mb):

| Or the MP3 version here (3mb)

2. To Be Listen to / download the MP3 (2.9mb) here:


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