Micah’s World (Children’s Album)

Songs for kids and the young at heart (Released 2023) | (Dec. 17, 2023 Release Event)

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Recorded, mixed and mastered by Loren Feinstein, Live Edge Recording
Artistic coaching by Nat Needle

Musical collaborators:

  • Micah Flores-Feinstein, vocals.
  • Lucelia de Jesus, guitar, vocals.
  • Neshima Vitale-Penniman, harp.
  • Emet Vitale-Penniman, piano.
  • Loren Feinstein, saxophone, percussion.
  • Rachel Stevens, vocals.
  • Lily Stevens, vocals, cello.
  • Eliza Stevens, vocals.
  • Clara Bravmann, vocals.
  • Orion Marantz, percussion, vocals.
  • Aluna Marantz, percussion, vocals.
  • Penfield Chester, vocals.
  • David Purdy, trumpet.

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