Sibling (sibs)… if you have them you know.


You’ve been my sib
Ever since the crib
One that shares
Even swears

As I hone
My copy tone
I’m annoying, then fun
Then annoying, then fun

‘Cause we’re sibs, yeah sibs, we’re sibs

I know your joys
And your button noise
Sure I shove
But you know it’s with love

I’m needy, then a schoolmate
Then greedy, then a teammate
Yes, I’m gonna be there
But I’m really gonna be there

‘Cause we’re sibs, yeah sibs, we’re sibs

Remember that time?
Remember that pet?
You do that too?
Hey, I sneeze like you!

Adopted, step, blood or half
Whatever, you make me laugh
As far as I can foresee
You’ll be full sib to me

We share that same tether
We grew up together
The world you can kid
But not this sib (can’t kid this sib, can’t kid this sib)

‘Cause we’re sibs

Only we know lots and lots
Of those good hiding spots
Stop drinking my milkshake!
Secret handshake

I’ll meet you at the special place
You know the one we picked just in case
We’ve been through it, you and me
I’ll be there till the end, you will see

‘Cause we’re sibs, yeah sibs, oh sibs
Sibs, we’re sibs, we’re sibs!

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